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I began noticing varicose veins when I was in Junior High School and just assumed it would be something I’d have to deal with all my life. When they got to the point that they became uncomfortable and the thought of wearing shorts became embarrassing, I decided it was time to do something. I had heard so much about the painful vein stripping procedure my relatives had endured and knew I didn’t what to go through that. While doing some Internet research I came across Dr. Kwak and endovenous laser ablation and knew I needed to find out more. I scheduled an appointment and was completely sold. Dr. Kwak was so knowledgeable, patient and comforting. I had no idea that the frequent leg cramps I was getting were a result of my vericose veins!

The procedure itself was fairly pain free. I was very nervous during my first procedure but Dr. Kwak and Gen put me completely at ease. The amazing thing is that I didn’t even know until after the procedure how many problems i was having as a result of the varicose veins. My most troublesome vein was already reduced greatly immediately following the surgery and the others quickly followed. It has been over a year since my procedure and I haven’t once been bothered with cramps in my legs! I didn’t even realize that over time my calves had become swollen as a result of the improper functioning of my veins. In the month following the procedure my calves probably shrunk an inch and a big purple patch of what I thought were broken blood vessels completely disappeared!

I can’t say enough about the whole staff at the Lumen Laser Center. From the front office staff to the physician assistants, everyone is extremely welcoming, kind and accommodating. I would highly recommend them without reservation.

- Mary G.

A friend referred me to Dr. Kwak for both varicose veins in my legs, and BOTOX. Dr. Kwak is extremely professional, leaves no stone unturned when explaining diagnosis and procedures. His staff was very effective in dealing with my insurance company for my varicose vein surgery and informed me of what my responsibility would be down to the penny; they were also extremely efficient with all of the details and aftercare. The medical side of his practice is very well organized, caring and professional. I also go to Dr. Kwak for Botox, he does the injections himself and listens to my needs. The staff is really friendly, his assistant Jessica does a great job. I always enjoy my and get great results. They run a tight ship and I feel like I am in good hands–no surprises here.Andrea M, Berwyn, PA, 4/12/13

This testimonial has been long over due, to wait and see the final result of my treatment, which turned out quite successful, thanks to Dr. Andrew Kwak. When I was a young grade school aged child, I was jumping on my bed and hit the lower orbital bone of my right eye. The accident caused a vein under my eye to become broken, enlarged and seen close to the surface under the skin around the delicate eye area. For several years I had to apply a thick layer of coverup cream makeup to conceal the bluish colored enlarged vein. I went for a free consultation regarding this problematic area on my face with Dr. Andrew Kwak. It was a great pleasure to meet this magic man, who within a few treatment sessions, using the magic laser wand, then poof !! The ugly, bulging, blue vein was gone forever without residual scars or marks! The discomfort was minimal, tolerable, and well worth it!  I’m extremely pleased with the end result and find Dr. Andrew Kwak highly commendable with beautiful bedside manners as well. 

 - Jill A. Pisano-Trauger, BSN, RN

After losing 130 pounds, I physically felt better, but was not very happy with the way my face had “aged” with that loss. My face ended up being very drawn, my cheeks were hollow and my youthful look had disappeared. I did some homework and found the LUMEN Laser Center. I called and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Andrew Kwak. He was very supportive and suggested a procedure called fat transfer. I was so excited and scheduled my appointment for the procedure before I left his office. When I returned for my appointment, Dr. Kwak and his staff were professional, supportive and excited for me. In a few, short hours, the difference in my face was amazing!! I felt and continue to feel 10 years younger! I now have the confidence to return to the work force with my head held high. The LUMEN Laser Center professionals and Dr. Kwak are an awesome group!! I would highly recommend, without hesitation, Dr. Kwak to my family and friends. - Charlene,
Quakertown, PA

I went through hell for almost 3 years with an open wound and it was like Dr. Kwak was sent from heaven.  What he did for me is unbelievable. It healed so fast, I recommend him to everybody. Words cannot say what I want to express.  Thank you so much.  - Victor Fusaro, West Chester, PA, after having Endovenous Laser Ablation and Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy on his legs, May 2011 (This patient’s before and after photos are in our Before/After area)

The practitioner doing my VASER Shape procedure was amazing. She is just so friendly and nice, it was one of the best medical experiences for me. She explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions, and she really made me feel welcome and comfortable with the procedure. I would definitely recommend this place to other people, the staff is amazing!   - December 18, 2011

After having my second child, it felt good to start exercising again. I could feel my body getting back into shape and it felt great. After several months of eating right and regular exercise – I was still not happy with my body. I found Dr. Kwak on the web and I am very pleased with the results and I even lost 14 lbs. The whole office staff is wonderful and really makes you feel comfortable. I feel great about my body and I look and feel the way my body looked before having children. I achieved my goal in 3 months and I would recommend Dr. Kwak to all my family and friends. He is truly an expert in shaping a women’s body with SmartLipo and VASER. Thank you,

- Christine H., Lafayette Hill, PA, after having SmartLipo and VASER of her abdomen and flank regions - see her photos at Before And After Photographs

 I love your practice. Everyone is both professional and very friendly/personable as well. It is always a pleasure to step through the doors! NEVER would anybody who knows me, believe I would offer my FACE (or any other body part, but especially the FACE) for needles, cannulas, laser “zizzing” or any other experience…BUT!!!! I do, and I love the results. It is the first time I have done something exclusively “pour moi” and I thank you all for the warm and friendly atmosphere!

- Michele D., May 2010, after having SmartLipo of her chin/jowl region and injectables and Fraxel Laser Treatment on her face 

I found Dr. Kwak and the LUMEN Laser Center on the web, and I am thrilled that I did. My initial contact was an email indicating my interest in the center, along with my concerns and apprehension based on past experiences with another doctor.  The staffperson from Dr. Kwak’s office promptly responded to my message with a phone call. She explained the state-of-the-art treatments that Dr. Kwak performed, and she put me at ease. I met with Dr. Kwak, and he set up a course of treatment based on my vein problems.  He performed endovenous laser ablation on varicose veins and later sclerotherapy on smaller spider veins.  Dr. Kwak requires follow-up visits throughout the first year after treatment (not just one follow-up visit after treatment).  I was so impressed by this practice, and I felt confident that any problems would and could be addressed if necessary. Not only did I have great results, but I also applaud the entire office staff.  Knowing my concerns, they constantly reassured and comforted me.  They have added to the wonderful experience I’ve had at the LUMEN Laser Center, and I truly enjoy going to the office to chat with them!  My legs look and feel great!  Friends have noticed and are also impressed with the success of the treatments.  I am so pleased, and I am already scheduled to visit with Dr. Kwak again in the fall for more sclerotherapy.  I am no longer apprehensive about treatments.  Dr. Kwak and the entire staff have alleviated any concerns I have for future treatments.  I truly am thrilled to have found them!
- Deb D., Wallingford, PA, May 2010


I was so tired of the way my clothes were fitting.  I was tired of the elastic waistband riding up and almost touching the bottom of my bra! I was losing confidence in my appearance fast.  I’m at the age of menopause and had tried everything to lose the pounds but my weight kept creeping up  – two or three pounds a year.  I got in touch with the LUMEN Laser Center and had a free consultation. It’s been four months since I had the Lipo procedure on my abdomen and “love handles”.  I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 8!  Even in the past two weeks I’ve noticed my abdomen and back continue the toning and reshaping process.  My stomach looks like it did when I was in my twenties.  I have my confidence back. I even went out and bought a bathing suit, something I hadn’t done in years!    About six weeks ago I had Vaser Lipo done on my thighs, knees, and arms. The results have been amazing! I could see an immediate 50% reduction in my arms!  Fifty percent!! I no longer have my underarm wings. In addition, I can now comfortably cross my legs!   And I know that as the weeks go by my body will continue to reshape and tone.  I can’t wait!   Throughout the procedures and my recoveries I have felt so supported and cared for by the entire staff.  They are superb!  Dr. Kwak is truly a gifted artist and a highly trained technician with a gentle and pleasing demeanor.  l thoroughly trusted him and his abilities.
- H.C., Wayne, PA

I am thrilled with my entire lipo experience! Everyone made me comfortable throughout the entire process, from my consultation to my fabulous results. My thighs look the way I wanted and no one suspects I had work done! I feel confident in my body now and would advise anyone to trust the abilities of Dr. Kwak and start feeling good about his or herself. I think you’re all wonderful. - Patient quote after SmartLipo/VASER on her inner thighs, outer thighs and knee regions(Click here to view the actual before/after photos of this patient)

I am really really really happy that I had this done. It has only been three months from my legs being done, but I have been in a bathing suit for over a month. It was a quick recovery and not painful at all. Everything is very smooth and you can’t even tell I had anything done, and there are no incision marks whatsoever. I had the first areas done and then came back for additional areas and I’m so glad I did it that way. - Patient quote after SmartLipo/VASER on her arms, upper and lower abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks

Thank you very much, Dr. Kwak and staff!! You have a wonderful staff! Everyone was so helpful and easy to deal with on every aspect of this process. You wouldn’t expect a surgical procedure to be a pleasant experience but you all made it one by being so kind and attentive.  I am ecstatic with my results in just one month and can’t wait to see the final outcome. I recommend LUMEN Laser Center to everyone. Thank you again for making my procedure an easy and comfortable one. - Patient quote after SmartLipo/VASER on her upper and lower back, abdomen and lovehandles (Click here to view the actual before/after photos of this patient)

Dr. Kwak had a very amazing technique and perfect demeanor, and he really made the whole experience very relaxing and pain-free. He has a very gentle touch. - Matt Skahill, Acupuncturist, one week after having varicose vein laser treatment

I am SO HAPPY. Because the weight is gone from under my chin that gradually accumulated and I didn’t even realize was there, I feel much lighter because the fat was taken out. I swear I look ten years younger already. I had no bruising, and the swelling is already gone. - Patient quote three days after SmartLipo on her chin area

 Everyone was so fantastic and I was so comfortable in the room. I am so thrilled. I have been wanting this procedure for years and years.  - Patient quote 2 days after SmartLipo/VASER on her outer thighs

I loved that my varicose vein treatment was new cutting edge technology – no pain….permanent results! I think the whole staff is great! Dr. Kwak was extremely informative about the procedure and answered all my questions about my vein and the procedure itself. I felt so comfortable and had no pain during or after the procedure. I was so impressed with the results, I took in my own set of before and after pictures to show how much of a difference I could see!

I could feel a major difference in my leg almost immediately, and dramatic results in the appearance within two weeks of the procedure. Before Dr. Kwak, my vein hurt every day no matter what I was doing, working out, sitting, standing, walking, nothing helped. Now I am pain free. Thanks to Dr. Kwak and the staff. I definitely recommend the LUMEN Laser Center. - Georga Knight, South Jersey, October 2007

I’ve received Botox treatments from other doctors, yet the Botox that I received from Dr. Kwak is the best one I’ve ever had — it’s very natural.  - Anonymous, Rydal, PA, September 2007

 My Juvederm treatment in my nasolabial folds was exactly what I wanted, and I didn’t have any pain at all. - Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA, October 2007

My legs were covered with veins, small clusters of red blue and purple veins that appeared on my thighs and calves. That bothered me so much that I decided that I will never wear shorts, skirts or dresses again. I avoided anything that would expose my legs. I was frequently teased by my friends and family that I was wearing pants all the time and the only time they saw me with a dress was at my wedding!
I was ashamed of my legs, although I was going to the gym, working out regularly and maintaining a healthy weight, but my legs looked so old.
Finally I decided to do something about it. So I had a consultation with Dr. Kwak. I found Dr. Kwak to be both knowledgeable and skillful in the course of my treatment. With Dr. Kwak’s procedures, my legs absolutely cleared. He has ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. Now, I don’t have any complex about my legs.  I feel and look much better. I see the improvement every day. Now I can wear any kind of clothing I want.
I highly recommend Dr. Kwak and his staff. Sclerotherapy allows me to show off my legs as I once did before. - Mary M., April 2008

Just wanted to send you all a note of thanks for making me look and feel so good. I am very happy with the results after three Fraxel treatments. I’ve noticed my skin is tighter, pores smaller, wrinkles lessened, and overall skin tone greatly improved. Dr. Kwak and his staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. I would recommend the LUMEN Laser Center to anyone who wants to improve their overall appearance and be pampered by a wonderful staff. Thank you,
- Marianne Church

My story began five years ago when a vein in my leg ulcerated and became extremely painful. For an entire year I was treated thru a wound center with many different methods — none of which were successful. Finally with a correct diagnosis, I began to research different treatments that were available to me. I attempted a hyperbaric treatment with an oxygen tank in my living room — this closed the wound temporarily, but when the treatments were finished, I was left again with a very painful open wound. The next step was to have several veins removed from my leg thru surgery. Again, the pain was only temporarily relieved. It was six months after surgery when again I had an open wound on my leg and I set out to research other solutions, and found the LUMEN Laser Center.

My first appointment with Dr. Kwak was extremely informative; he immediately identified the problem and explained a method of treatment. Within one month of my first visit with Dr. Kwak, I had an outpatient procedure that took away my pain within 24 hours. One week after surgery I took my family to Disney World and walked pain free for the entire two weeks. Today, four months after surgery, I feel great; have had no pain and no wounds!! Dr. Kwak still follows up with me once a month and I feel very confident that I will continue to be pain free, thanks to Dr. Kwak and the LUMEN Laser Center.

Robert Brison, Kennett Square, PA


“Thanks to Dr. Kwak, I am no longer having leg pain, nor am I ashamed of my legs.  It looks terrific – the large protruding veins are gone.”

Elizabeth D., New Jersey

“I was having trouble with my right leg, I’m very active, play a lot of tennis, and I’m a runner. I had a really bad vein that was very painful, was throbbing after most activity. I finally met with a friend of mine who’s a nurse who works at Penn, and she suggested Dr. Kwak and said that he was one of the best physicians in the area to help with the vein that I had, so I met with him and felt very comfortable after I met him, he explained the whole procedure, how long it would take, how long I would have to be off my feet and I decided to schedule the procedure with him.
After the procedure it took a couple of weeks, I think it was two weeks before I could resume my activity, but as I said I was a very active person so it was just a couple of weeks and once I went back for my checkup he gave me the approval to start again and I was immediately on the tennis court and running right after that. There was no discomfort at all. I had to wear a special stocking for a week or so but there was no bruising, no pain, really, you wouldn’t have known I had anything done.

Absolutely I would recommend Dr. Kwak and the procedure to anyone having any trouble with their legs, it was perfect for me after.”

J. Kelly, Philadelphia, PA

 I have had a truly awesome experience at the LUMEN Laser Center over the past five months. I originally discovered the center while searching the Internet.
I liked Dr. Kwak from my very first appointment. He explained the Fraxel technology in great detail and answered my numerous questions honestly and completely. He spent a lot of time with me and patiently addressed my concerns. He presented a variety of options and outlined the realistic expectations associated with each choice. Dr. Kwak made me feel extremely valued not only as a potential patient, but as an individual person. He demonstrates the old school medical approach that patient care and satisfaction take precedence above all else, despite his modern facility and cutting edge techniques. I have complete confidence in Dr. Kwak’s expertise and dedication.

In just two treatments, my skin truly looks much improved. The Fraxel treatment has definitely made a difference! My skin in the week after each treatment appeared exactly as Dr. Kwak had explained in my initial consultation.

The LUMEN Laser Center also has the most fantastic staff! Gen made me feel right at home from the beginning. Her friendly personality and professional approach have truly added a special touch to each of my appointments. She always takes the time to talk and to explain each step of the procedure. Gen has answered my many questions with knowledge and patience. She is very committed to the physical and emotional well being of her patients.

In addition, the center represents a state of the art facility with its up-to-date technology and beautiful décor. The facility is extremely clean and very well maintained. I was impressed from the moment I walked in the front door. I feel very blessed to have found such a special place! I believe that skin care is the first and foremost concern in the body’s aging process. I am very happy to have a doctor and his staff who care about me as a person and who will assist me with both skin and vein health in the years ahead. I strongly recommend Dr. Kwak and his staff to anyone looking for improvement in these areas. You will be very pleased with this decision!
- Denise Lynn Todd, Media, Pennsylvania


I had severe varicose veins and almost waited until it was too late. I took a shower one night, rubbed my leg, and all of a sudden one of the vessels close to the surface, the skin rubbed off. It was spurting blood across the room. After my vein treatment with Dr. Kwak, I’m pain free and my legs look decent, feel good, and look normal. I’m happy with that.” 
 - Joe Ryan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been going to Lumen for three years. I first went for Fraxel for acne scar treatment.  If you have ever suffered from acne scars then you know it’s all you see when you look in the mirror and you never leave your house without makeup on.  I decided I would try this because nothing else had worked. The entire staff at Lumen is great to work with. Everyone is very kind and puts you at ease. GIna is always helpful and accommodating with my schedule. Going in for laser is scary if you have never experienced it. They did all they could to make me comfortable. The practitioners have been wonderful and kept the conversation going during the procedure. The procedure is not painless however the numbing cream does a good job and there is no pain afterwards. I had a little swelling the first day or two after. The results are so worth it I cannot say enough. I like what I see in the mirror now. I can go out without makeup and feel good about myself. My skin is so much softer and even. If you are thinking about Fraxel, this is the place to go. There are other places I could go but I choose Lumen Laser Center because of their caring staff. I have also had the laser hair removal treatments which were painless and work great. Why would you pay for constant shaving and waxing when laser hair removal works so well? No more razor bumps, no terribly painful waxing or grow out. I have even had some veins done there too with great results.  Thank you Lumen for making me feel beautiful again! - Miss U, April 2013

I went to Lumen for Filler and I could not be happier with the total experience.  From the time I walked in to the office from the time I left I was blown away by the experience.  The front office staff is kind and welcoming and really helped me find an appointment time that worked.  The staff was very honest with me and very educated about their line of work.  Dr. Kwak had an excellent bedside manner, talked me through my options, and did amazing work.  I cannot stress enough how happy I am with my results and how pleased I am with the overall experience.  I cannot wait to schedule my next appointment with this team and I strongly recommend it to all. - Jen G., West Chester, PA

I have been a pharmacist for 31 years, so consequently my job requires me to stand on my feet for 8 hours daily. For several years my right leg swelled to uncomfortable proportions along with a mysterious rash. I visited several dermatologists along with various internists, but nobody knew what was causing this enigmatic skin problem. My problem soon ended after finding Dr. Kwak. He instantly diagnosed my rash as venous ulceration resulting from varicose vein involvement and recommended laser ablation to treat the problem. After the painless procedure, it took several months, but the rash resolved itself and the leg swelling abated. Dr Kwak and staff were welcoming and explained every step of the pre and post procedure in detail. I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to wear shoes again as up to that point, I could only get on sneakers. - Robert R., Philadelphia, PA

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